Thursday, February 3, 2011


Not sure what the creature is supposed to be but it looks cool!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Steam Voyager

Game cover design of Steam Voyager, which was part of my game design project.

User manual

Sweet Dreams

A random piece of digi art. This piece has no particular meaning, I've been eating way too many sweets throughout the course of the day so my boredom has led me to this.


Photo shooting at Aberdeenshire '08


Watercolour painting of Aberdeenshire from a very old photo of mine.


FMP Diary - 04

More textures for level design


Road Divider


Basic textures

FMP Diary - 03

My first attempt texturising. 3d models were created by my team artist, thumbs up to Raiden Xavier

Shanty house 1

Shanty house 2

The final outcome:

FMP Diary - 02

More environment concepts

3D marketstall outcome:

FMP Diary - 01

Environment concept for my FMP - Animal Defence Force (ADF)


A Photoshopped image of me.